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Who we are

Pinfinder Club is the best pin-collecting resource for the Seventh-day Adventist Pathfinder Club. The founders of Pinfinder Club grew up as Pathfinders and understood at a young age the importance of discipline, teamwork and falling in love with Christ.

As Pathfinders, we learn and build practical life skills through a variety of honors. According to the North American Division, “in 2014 a ‘Pin Trading’ honor was developed to help Pathfinders understand the principles that should govern the trading process in an effort to help them grow spiritually.

Pinfinder Club has been established to offer Pathfinders around the world the opportunity of obtaining rare and exclusive pins. Once obtained, they are encouraged to trade these Pathfinder Pins with other Pathfinders in events such as: Conference Camporees, Union Camporees and International Camporees and therefore, continue the legacy of Pathfinder Pin Trading.


With every Pinfinder Club purchase, you will help establish and develop Pathfinder Clubs around the world. #1PIN1CLUB

We, at Pinfinder Club, believe in “passing it forward.” The Pathfinder Club has been a blessing in our lives and we want to offer this platform as a means of creating resources to help Pathfinder Clubs around the world.

Today, you can make a difference.


To provide opportunities for every child and teenager to experience the love of Jesus through the discipline and guidance of the Pathfinder Club.

Sources: "Put a Pin in It" | North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

To get started, browse through our store, purchase your favorite Pathfinder Pins and continue meeting new people through this great opportunity. We hope you enjoy collecting pins as much as we do. Have fun!